LB-300A Tags Sticker Labeling Machine with Date Coding

Machine Description

This machine is adopt to food, medical, cosmetics, electronics, plastics, toys, hardware, auto parts, stationery and other industries, automatically attach stickers, self-adhesive film, electronic supervision code, bar code, etc., to achieve the packaging box, Bags, cards, hang tags, magazines, test papers, aluminum-plastic bags, books, zip lock bags, etc.

Machine Feature

  1. Improve product labeling, film attachment efficiency, accurate placement, good quality and high stability;
  2. Avoid manual labeling, low film efficiency, skewing, blistering and wrinkling, irregular positioning and other issues;
  3. Effectively reduce product cost, improve product logo aesthetics, and enhance product competitiveness.
  4. The whole machine adopts the imported control system and operating system, the attachment position is accurate, the quality is good, the stability is high, the operation is convenient, and the adjustment part is convenient and simple;
  5. Complete equipment supporting materials (including equipment structure, principle, operation, maintenance, maintenance, upgrade, etc.) to provide adequate protection for the normal operation of the equipment;
  6. Operation process: release product -> automatic paging delivery product (automatic realization of equipment) -> labeling (automatic realization of equipment) -> collect the labeled products.

Technical Parameter

Machine Model: LB-300A

Labeling Size:  (L)more10mm (H)10-135mm

Product Size:  (L)40-350mm (W)80-280mm

Labeling Preision:  +-1mm

Labeling Speed:  40-150(pcs/min)(relate to material and label size)

Roller diameter:  76-280mm,2-3mm between two labels

Printing Area:  standard:16*35mmspecial:20*50mm

Letter Size:  2*4*14.5mm 2*3*14.5mm1.5*2.5*14.5mm

Letter Type:  Letters &Numbers

Ribbon:  max width 35mm

Inner roller diameter:  25.4mm

Ribbon step stroke:  standard≤ 16mm Special ≤l20mm

Power Supply:  AC220V 50/60Hz 1phase 3kW(special can customized)

Machine Size:  (L)2000*(W)800*(H)1500mm

Machine Weight:  270kg

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