XLB-300Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine

Machine Description

Rotary OPP hot melt glue adhesive labeling machine is the newest continuous operation of the labeling machine.

The mainly used for container labeling cylindrical shape of detergents, beverages, mineral water, food etc. The material of label is using environmentally material of OPP films. It can be automatically oxidative decomposition and reduce production costs by more than 30 percent.

Labeling machine is control by PLC touch screen, all electric eye is using imported advanced configuration. This labeling machine with high speed, high accuracy, stable performance, easy to operate and look elegant appearance.

Machine Feature

  1.  Body is built with stainless steel, steel construction stable and not rust
  2.  The whole machine used quick release type of construction. In order to change and adjustment easier.
  3. Centralized lubricating system for simple and effortless on maintenance, lubrication and cleanness
  4. With photo-sensors to detect label output and automatically self-regulated production speed for integrating production line with other machines
  5. Used stable and reasonable of compiling program. It can be suitable for operation 24 hours.
  6. The bottle working mode is rotary Input and output type.
  7. Equipped with the Torque limiter would control the torsion range abnormal situation of machine. It will reduce the accident for operate.
  8.  Roller coating, gluing balance and glue saving.
  9. Alarm system: Caution light & buzzer for out of label, Label break and door open!
  10. Cut label system: Used multiple cure of cut system organization. (It is not quick-wear part)


  1. The machine production speed is control by the machine input bottle signal. It is automatic transmission. If input bottle stock, then the machine will be increase speed. If input bottle did not have bottle the machine will transmission speed slow.
  2.  The machine production speed is control by the machine input bottle signal. It is automatic transmission. When the machine output bottle stock then the machine will be transmission speed to slow. If output bottle is smooth the machine will be increase the speed.

Technical Parameter

Number of rotary station 15
machine size 2500L*3600W*2000H(mm)
weight 4.5T
speed of labeling 3000BPH-13000BPH
power AC 3ψ380V50Hz
rater power 13KW
percent of pass ≥99.5
accuracy of labeling ±1mm
diameter of bottle 55-850mm
material of bottle Glass, Metal, Plastic
shape Round,Square
Label material OPP,BOPP,PAPER
Label thickness 0.035-0.13mm
Label height 40mm-200mm
inside diameter of paper tube 6inch
power consumption of air source 0.5Mpa
operation Automatically

Sample Picture

Machine Video

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