FM-4H Automatic Vial Liquid Filling and Capping Machine

The automatic liquid filling and capping machine is a special packaging equipment for liquid filling, automatic plastic cap and automatic capping for industrial sectors such as pharmaceutical, chemical and health food.

Machine Description

The automatic liquid filling unit consists of: automatic bottle feeding, filling, automatic hanging plastic cover and screw cap. PLC control and other major components. The machine is driven by the cam indexer, and the positioning is accurate and the transmission is stable. The electronic control realizes the functions of bottle filling and no bottle filling. The surface of the equipment is made of 304 stainless steel (special custom 316 stainless steel), which meets GMP requirements.

Machine Feature

  1. Oral liquid bottle filling and rolling/capping machine will fill the liquid, add aluminum cover or plastic cover, and the rolling/swivel function will be combined in one machine. The structure is compact and the production efficiency is high, which is suitable for the production and use requirements of various enterprises.
  2. The screw is used to feed the bottle vertically into the turntable with reasonable structure and stable operation. The filling machine adopts eight-head tracking filling to avoid the liquid foam overflowing the bottle mouth, and is equipped with a bottle-free irrigation device to avoid the loss of liquid material, pollute the machine and affect the normal operation of the machine. The screw cap is made up of two rotary heads, and the cover is screwed tight (the technical data of the size of the cap is different from the hardness of the material, and the height of the adjusting block can be adjusted, and the strength of the rotary head can be changed). Therefore, the machine is different. With the size of the aluminum cover and the bottle, the machine can operate normally. This machine is easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Technical Parameter

Filling volume:60-120ml

Productivity capacity: 2400-3600 B/h

Filling precision:±1%ml

Capping qualified rate:≥99%

Power Supply: 220V、380V 50HZ  1.5KW

Machine Size: 2500×1200×1800mm

Machine Weight: 1400kg

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