CS-1 Semi-auto packing vertical pp belt strapping machine

Machine Description

1.It was designed to strap cartons, corrugated cardboard and so on.
2. Instant heating in 20 seconds;
3. Economical design of control switch, independent PCB controls feeding, tensioning and heating,the unit is easy to maintain;
4.External adjustable tension knob on control panel, so that easy and simply to operate.

Machine Feature

1>Adaptability: no need to replace any parts, it can be applied to 6 ~ 15mm of the PP belt.

2>More efficient: only 1.5 seconds per bundle. Instant heating: 5 seconds after boot into the best bundle of state.

3>Safety: thermal system hot melt design, only 660W low voltage.

4>Power-saving and practical

5>Stable operation

5>Instant heating: 5 seconds after opening the power to bundle

6>Power saving function

7>Binding quality

Technical Parameter

Machine Type:   High Table

Strap cycle speed:1.5 sec/strap

Max Bundling Size:Unlimited

Min Bundling Size:60mm

Tension strength:6-60kg adjustable

Belt Thickness: 0.6-0.85mm

Belt width:6-15mm

Belt Materials PP: 200mm or 230mm or 280mm

Machine Size:  890*600*735mm

Machine Weight:  75kgs

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