CS-1 Semi-auto packing vertical pp belt strapping machine

This machine use PP tape as its packing materials, mainly for business, post, railway, banking, food, medicine, books issued industries to pack cartons, wooden crates, paper bag, intertexture boxes, cloth bag; Inserted a strap, the machine will automatically finish the process of agglutination, cutting, strap supply.

Machine Description

1.It was designed to strap cartons, corrugated cardboard and so on.
2. Instant heating in 20 seconds;
3. Economical design of control switch, independent PCB controls feeding, tensioning and heating,the unit is easy to maintain;
4.External adjustable tension knob on control panel, so that easy and simply to operate.

Machine Feature

1>Adaptability: no need to replace any parts, it can be applied to 6 ~ 15mm of the PP belt.

2>More efficient: only 1.5 seconds per bundle. Instant heating: 5 seconds after boot into the best bundle of state.

3>Safety: thermal system hot melt design, only 660W low voltage.

4>Power-saving and practical

5>Stable operation

5>Instant heating: 5 seconds after opening the power to bundle

6>Power saving function

7>Binding quality

Technical Parameter

Machine Type:   High Table

Strap cycle speed:1.5 sec/strap

Max Bundling Size:Unlimited

Min Bundling Size:60mm

Tension strength:6-60kg adjustable

Belt Thickness: 0.6-0.85mm

Belt width:6-15mm

Belt Materials PP: 200mm or 230mm or 280mm

Machine Size:  890*600*735mm

Machine Weight:  75kgs

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