XP-330Automatic powder bag making and packaging machine with Feeder

This machine mainly used in powder class(including all kinds of powder) micro powder,is not afraid of a broken classes small particles quantitative filling, filling,packing; such as flour, milk powder,pesticide,veterinary medicine,health food,dye,chemical preparation,food seasoning,additives ,micronutrient fertilizer etc.

Machine Description

This series machine is suitable for the packing of various kinds of power, troche and particle, such as coffee power, cornmeal food, soya bean powder, puffed food, popcorn, seed, tea, melon seed, medicinal granules and so on.

Machine Feature

1.Transparent storage bin:can abserve how much material and operation condition in storage bin;

2.Machine head and brackets are all made of cast aluminum industry, mechanical properties of stable and high anti-fatigue strength and service life is long;

3.And material contact parts are all made of stainless steel, convenient cleaning to prevent cross contamination;

4.Wide range of packaging: one same device can realize 5-5000 grams range of the packing;

5.Photoelectric control, simple operation, the mouth clean, easy to seal;

6.Provide automatic feeding interface, optional automatic feeding system, realizing the real-time control of material level, automatic feeding.

7.Optional drive different motor: full digital AC servo motor or stepper motor.

Technical Parameter

Measuring Volume: 20-10
Film Width: 30-220mm
Bag Length: 30-180mm
Bag Width: 15-100mm
Film Thickness: 0.04-0.08mm
Film Roll Diameter: Max.300mm
Power: 220V, 50/60HZ, 2.0KVA
Machine Size:  L)640* W)740* H)1580mm

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