XP-260 Coffee Tea bag Packaging Machine

This machine is mainly used to pack washing powder, sugar,salt,rice,beans,peanuts,sunflower seeds,grains,nuts,,cereals,tea,desiccants,etc.

Machine Description

This series machine is suitable for the packing of various kinds of teas, flower tea, particle and power, cornmeal food, soya bean powder, puffed food, popcorn, seed, tea, melon seed, medicinal granules and so on.

Machine Feature

1.This machine can automatically complete cup volumetric filler measuring–coding(optional)–bag making–filling –gasinjection/exhaust(optional)–sealing–counting.

2.PLC control system, color touch screen display, photoelectric tracking, high reliability and intellectualized degree.

3.Has fault display system ,easy to operate and maintain.

4.Make punching deivce (round/euro hole), gusset bag device or four heads electronic weigher, Z type elevator according to client’s request.

5.Machine body and all product touching part are mady by 304 stainless steel (measuring cup material: nylon/stainless steel).

Technical Parameter

Packing Range: 20g

Paper Material: nylon/non-woven cloth/corn fiber/etc

Packing Speed:30-60 bag/min

Roll outer diameter:Φ350mm

Roll inner diameter:Φ76mm

Machine Size: L)640* W)740* H)1580mm

Machine Weight: 200kg

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